Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas to Discuss With Your Contractor

A swimming pool renovation can give your home's swimming pool a much-needed facelift, and also be an opportunity to repair cracks and leaks in the pool itself. While your idea of a renovation may mean just a new coat of sealant paint around the pool, you might want to think about some renovation ideas that will improve its appearance and even make the pool safer for you and your family. Note the following.

1. Add lighting

Does your pool have sufficient lighting under the surface? Adding LED lighting can mean lights that stay cool to the touch, and adding larger lights or more lights around the pool can mean safety when swimming at night. This can be especially true around stairs, a diving board, or a slide.

2. Add an aggregate to the concrete

If your pool's surface is very slick, you might consider adding an aggregate to a new coat of concrete or paint. An aggregate is a mixture of pebbles, gravel, or smooth glass. This gives the surface texture so it's safer when wet. It can also make your pool's surface and surrounding area more attractive as it adds color and depth to the surface.

3. New sanitisers

If your pool uses simple chlorine to sanitise the water, you may be missing out on the health benefits of using oxygen or salt instead. Chlorine is very drying to the skin and hair, whereas new sanitiser systems that use oxygen or added salt can mean using far less chlorine in the pool, if any at all. You'll be more comfortable using your pool and can avoid the unpleasant smell of chlorine as well.

4. Solar power

Solar power can be used for a pool's pump and lighting with new, upgraded systems that are on the market today. This can cut your energy bill tremendously when it comes to the power needed to keep your pool functional, and is also more environmentally-friendly. Electrical power plants create pollution as they create energy, so the less electricity you use, the less pollution you're contributing to the environment.

5. Fire features

Adding a fire feature to your pool may not be as expensive or difficult as you might imagine. A fire pit or fire bowl may use propane and a type of glass that helps to control a flame and give the fire feature color. A fire feature by your pool is not only visually attractive but it can also help to keep you warmer when you swim at night or during the off-season.