Don't Overlook These Signs That Your Pool Needs Servicing

Signs that a pool needs servicing are not always as obvious as you might assume. Your pool may not actually drain out completely and the water may appear somewhat clean, even though certain parts of the pool pump and other components may need servicing. This is why you should never assume that signs of needed pool servicing will be overly obvious, and should instead familiarize yourself with common issues that pool owners may face. Note the following reasons why you may want to call for servicing for your pool:

1. Overly noisy pumps

A pump may make a certain humming sound when it's working, but if your pool's pump is clunking, grinding, or making any type of odd noise, or is more noisy than you think it should be, call for repairs. This may signal that the pump is clogged and is working too hard to move water through, or that a connector to the pump has come loose. Ignoring these problems can mean the pump breaking down altogether.

2. Water is not being pulled

If you stand in your pool near the filter and notice that water is not being pulled through, you should call for repairs. The water should be consistently pulled into the filter, even if the suction feels somewhat gentle to the touch. If you notice that no water is being pulled at all, either the pump is not working or there are clogs in the filter blocking the water.

3. Green water

If you're adding the right chemicals and the proper amount of chlorine or other cleanser to the water and it still appears green, or if you notice what seems to be too much of a water line around the edge of the pool, this often means that the filter is not working as it should. It could be clogged or dirty, or the pump may not be pulling enough water through the filter to clean it according to your pool's size. Don't assume that more chlorine and chemicals will be the solution to green water, but have the pool components checked first.

4. Very low water levels

During warm summer months, water is more likely to evaporate in the hot sun. Your pool should automatically refill as needed, and it may take some time to fill completely. However, if you notice consistently low water levels, this can mean that your pool has a leak somewhere. You may need to have your pool drained and checked for needed patching, but this will ensure that you don't waste water by refilling a pool with a leak.

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