Basic Tips for Maintaining Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges

Filtration is an essential part of maintaining the good water quality in the swimming pool. Generally, swimming pools are exposed to the environment, so they are vulnerable to contamination by foreign materials. For instance, sand particles, dust and even general debris will ruin the hygiene and lower the aesthetic value of the pool. The filtration system is designed to remove these types of insoluble particles from the water. One of the most popular filters used in residential and commercial swimming pools is the cartridge filter. This is a cylindrical structure which uses fabric-like or filter paper cartridges as the medium for filtration. Here are a few basic tips to help you maintain your cartridge filtration system.

Clean Out the Cartridge

The filter cartridge accumulates a lot of contaminants over time. Basically, the swimming pool water washes over the fabric, allowing the woven mesh to trap all the impurities. If the cartridge is neglected, the material will become soiled. This permits impurities to flow into the pool as the medium is strained. The fabric can also become a breeding ground for microorganisms which will lower the biological safety of the water.

In addition, the filter can become blocked if the dirt particles clog the filter pores. This will force the water pump to work harder and the strain will eventually lead to failure. You can avoid these problems by rinsing out the cartridge filter with a regular garden hose. Ideally, you should rinse the filter as often as possible, depending on the frequency of use and environmental exposure.

Replace the Cartridge

There are diverse types of filter cartridges for swimming pools in the market. The right choice for you will depend on factors such as budget, type of pump and even preference. If you like standard inexpensive cartridge filters, you will need to replace them frequently, even with regularly rinsing the filtration membrane. The exact duration of use will depend on the brand, so check the manufacturer's recommendations. You can also choose alternatives which will last for much longer, but the initial cost of purchase is very high.

Check the Cartridge for Damage

Poor installation and careless handling of the filter cartridge will damage the module. Therefore, it is important to examine the product regularly for wear and tear to ensure continued high-quality performance. Fabric tears will allow the contaminants to pass through, and broken plastic pieces will be lodged in the pump system. You should engage a serviceperson from a professional company like Leisure Coast Pool Centre to remove cartridge bits from pump housing before replacement.