Ways to Prevent Slipping In and Around Your Home Pool

Having a pool in your own back garden is a huge luxury, but it is important to consider the pitfalls of having a pool as well as the advantages. Anywhere with that amount of water is going to present some kind of hazard because people can more easily slip on wet surfaces. This means that you and your family and friends could slip when in the pool and on the pool deck. So what are some things you can do to prevent this from happening?

Install pool rails. Getting in and out of the pool is a time when it is easy to slip because you are putting more pressure on your body by leveraging its weight in and out of the pool, and this means it's easy to slip and hurt yourself. For this reason, make sure that your pool contractor installs pool rails in a few locations around the pool so this isn't an issue.

Sandblast tiles. One of the more sophisticated ways of laying a pool deck is by using ceramic or even marble tiles around the edge of the pool. These are expensive looking and can be purchased in a variety of patterns. Unfortunately, the smooth nature of these tiles makes them slippery, particularly when wet. But fortunately, this problem can be resolved with a sand blaster. This isn't the kind of equipment that is lying around in the garage of most households, so you will have to hire a handy-person to complete the job for you.

Use flamed marble or limestone. Another option for pool decking material is to use flamed marble or limestone. This is a process of heating the material with an oxy-acetylene flame and then immediately cooling it down, which fractures the surface and makes it rougher and more slip-resistant.

Put up warning signs. You have probably seen warning signs around public pools and hotel pools that tell you not to run and to be careful of slippery surfaces, but you might not have thought of this for your own home pool. Many accidents can be prevented if the idea of a hazard existing is planted firmly in the minds of the pool users, and clear signs highlighting pool danger are the best way of doing this.

Now that you have a safe pool environment you can make the most of the long, hot Australian summer by the pool with your family and friends.