3 Maintenance Strategies To Maximise Value From Your Pool Pump

Pool pumps are vital to keep your swimming pool clean throughout. They usually suck up pool water and send it through a filter. Once cleaned inside the filter, the water is pumped back into the swimming pool. Well-maintained pool pumps will ensure that your pool water remains clean, so you and your family can enjoy optimal swimming conditions. Here are some maintenance strategies to help you maximise value from your pool pump.

Repair Leaks And Lubricate All Components To Prevent Damage

Proper lubrication and seals are important features of fully functional pool pumps. Small leaks from pipe joints and seals must be repaired immediately using protective sealants available at home improvement stores. For any major leaks, the pipe joints and seals may need to be replaced completely. You will also need to ensure that all the bearings of the pool pump are properly lubricated to prevent motor overheating because this will cause the whole system to fail. You may also want to keep pool chemicals away from the pool pump because the astringent fumes can corrode internal components. Proper lubrication and leak fixing will protect the pool pump from damage and failure.  

Ensure Adequate Air Circulation Around The Motor

When your pool pump motor runs for a long time, it is bound to heat up midway through the operation. Without proper circulation, the motor will overheat and will get damaged. For this reason, air circulation around the motor is important for optimal function. Even if the pool pump has a cover, make sure there is adequate ventilation and airflow around the pump to cool the motor. You can do this by clearing all airflow-blocking debris from the motor's vents and base, which may have accumulated over time.  You can use a dust broom or paintbrush to remove this debris buildup from around the air vents to keep the motor running efficiently. If you are using a damp cloth to remove stubborn debris, avoid using it directly on the motor because excessive moisture can harm it permanently.

Clean Filter And Basket Regularly

When pool pumps suck up water from the pool, they also extract dirt and impurities, which get embedded in the basket and filter. Over time, this filter and basket will get too dirty to retain its efficiency and must be cleaned every once in a while to prevent the buildup of debris from the pool. You must wash the filter and basket thoroughly with a garden hose before re-installing them back into the pump.

These regular maintenance strategies will help you get the maximum value from pool pumps. For more information, contact Shenton Pumps.