Updating your older pool with modern flair

If you have an older pool that looks like it has seen better days, but is still functional, never fear. There are several simple jobs you can do to improve the appearance of the pool without incurring the expense of installing a whole new pool. 

Refinishing tiles

There was a brief period where the trend was toward darker colours in pools. Unfortunately, these darker colours tended to fade around the water line with ongoing exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight. Luckily it is a relatively simple job to drain the pool and refinished the tiles in a new, more modern shade. This can bring back shine as well as updating the overall appearance of the pool. 

Patching cracks and holes

Both cement and fibreglass pool can be subject to getting small holes and cracks, particularly if the water chemistry has not been well controlled. Pools can easily be patched using home DIY kits available from pool stores. You can also get a professional to respray and resurface the pool. This can also be a good chance to slightly reshape the pool; for example, creating a sloped lip to the pool instead of a sharp lip, which can make the pool more usable. 

Replacing ladders and other accessories

Often the accessories such as ladders that help you enter the pool can look worse for wear as they rust or fade in the sunlight. Replacing a cracked ladder can instantly lift the appeal of the pool for a low cost. 

Updating the pool garden and pavers

Another relatively easy way to update the appearance of your pool is to move the garden bed a little further back from the pool. Modern pools don't tend to be surrounded with a garden on one side due to safety concerns. Clearing out these garden beds and replacing loose or missing pavers can often update the appearance of your pool as well as minimising the amount of cleaning as the plants won't drop as much into the pool. Try matching the pavers to the pool colour and level for a modern looking pool area. 

If you are looking to update your pool but do not have the budget for a new pool, it can make sense to do a pool upgrade. A pool contractor can help your old pool look like a new designer pool in many cases with some simple fixes. Contact a swimming pool contractor for more help.