What to Discuss When Working With a Pool Designer

Having a pool custom designed for your home gives you the chance to create an oasis that is perfect for you and your family and that fits your home and outdoor space perfectly as well. It also means you can include all the features that you want in a pool build, rather than having to settle for a generic design or standard features. Note a few features you don't want to miss when working with a pool designer.

Solar power

Your pools water heater and pump may take up quite a bit of electricity, especially if you want to swim well into the colder seasons. Installing solar panels for these pieces can mean saving money on their operation and cutting down on the fumes and emissions that are created by power plants that produce your home's electricity. A pool designer should be able to easily install a solar panel either on the roof of your house or the building where you keep your pool's equipment, or as a stand-alone unit next to this equipment; a large pole can allow for easy access to direct sunlight versus a small base on the ground that can be covered by nearby trees and brush.

Recycled cement

Another eco-friendly option to consider when working with a pool designer is the use of recycled cement or concrete. Old concrete can usually just be tossed into a mix of new concrete after being pulverized, and the materials just mix together. Using recycled cement keeps this old material out of landfills and cuts down on the amount of new material you may need to harvest.


A wave-making machine in your pool can make for a great place to get some exercise; the waves give you resistance when in the water so you work all your muscle while swimming. The kids might also like to have waves for playing.

Stepping stones

Ask if your pool builder can build stepping stones in your pool; these can be coral reefs that have been buffed to be soft, or large, rounded river rocks. When placed in a shallow end of a pool, you can use these to feel as if you're walking on water. They can also work for added seating in the water so you can keep your legs in the pool without sitting on the pool's edge. They also provide a great way to make your pool seem more rustic and natural.