How to Choose the Right Type of Pool for Your Home

Doesn't everyone in Australia own a swimming pool? Sometimes it seems that way as, after all, the climate is certainly conducive. If you feel that you're the only one who doesn't and you don't want to go through another sweltering summer without one, what are your options? Should you choose concrete, fibreglass or vinyl liner and what are the various advantages?


Many people feel that a concrete pool is the most flexible of all the options, as it can be effectively designed to whatever size, depth or shape you want. Consequently, if you have an unusual backyard it can be made to fit around any other landscaping. However, these pools will have to be renovated in about 15 years. The concrete will also require regular upkeep as it is porous and susceptible to the formation of algae. To keep this at bay you need the right type of chemical on a weekly basis and will also have to add acid to get the alkaline pH level right. Just remember that resurfacing – down the road – is an expense to consider.


With a fibreglass pool, you will benefit from lower cost of maintenance over the lifetime and relative ease of installation. Algae is unlikely to take hold and you won't have to spend so much on the type of chemicals you need for the concrete pool. The important thing to bear in mind here is that the fibreglass pool is built in a factory from a mold. While you have a variety of different design elements and can opt for steps or seating to be added, you don't have carte blanche when it comes to specific design. Remember that the pool has to be shipped to your home via the road which can be an expense and cause some issues with regards to its overall permissible size. On the flipside, when it is built and delivered it can be installed fairly quickly.

Vinyl Liner

A vinyl liner pool is typically the lowest cost investment, although you do have to replace the lining after about a decade of use. Vinyl in itself is largely nonporous and you shouldn't have too much of a problem with algae formation and the cost of chemicals can be kept in check. Don't expect this to be a very hard-wearing solution, especially if you have a lot of boisterous children in your family. The liner is not very thick and overexuberance can result in a repair bill.

Making a Decision

Each one of these pools has its advantages and you should choose according to your likely use, available space and budget. Have a word with your pool installer to see what is right for you. Click here for tips on choosing swimming pool builders near you!