Why Should You Choose Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fencing?

Your pool needs fencing to ensure proper safety, and glass is one of the most popular options. Of course, there's more than one type of glass pool fencing. If you're looking for a modern, upscale appearance, why not consider channel fixed glass fencing?

Also known as inground fencing, this fencing, as the name suggests, is set into a channel. A contractor pours out concrete to create that channel. When it has hardened, the glass is set in and grout applied. The overall impression is that glass is coming right out of the concrete with nothing else to hold it up.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose channel fixed glass fencing.

Seamless Appearance

Probably the most obvious reason to fit channel fixed glass fencing is enjoying a clean appearance. Glass rises from the invisible channel system with no spigots, posts, or other shiny bits of support required to hold it up, so the fencing will blend beautifully with the rest of your outdoor area.

Easy Cleaning

One of the slight drawbacks that comes with glass pool fencing is that you need to clean it fairly often. After all, water drops and smudges show up easily against a glass surface. Glass fences with visible frames are quite tough to clean because you must work around those supporting structures. That's tough, and mould, dirt and debris will often build around those edges to create an unattractive appearance. Channel fixed glass is easy to clean since dirt and mould cannot penetrate the grouting at the bottom. The surfaces will be unbroken, so a quick wipe down is all they require.

Low Maintenance

Glass pool fencing is easier to maintain than most other pool fencing materials, such as metal and wood. Wood rots, and metal can rust. However, framed glass pool fencing does incorporate metal supports, so rust could still be an issue. It can also scratch and start to look a little shabby after a year or two. Even worse, supports can loosen, which could necessitate expensive repairs. Channel fixed glass is practically maintenance-free.

Uninterrupted Views

Finally, channel fixed glass fencing provides uninterrupted views out from your pool. You might be thinking that there isn't much of a difference between channel fixed and semi-frameless, but keep in mind that the metal supports of a semi-frameless glass fence will be right at eye level when you're relaxing in your pool. Far nicer to go completely frameless with channel fixed glass fencing.