Three Important Guidelines for Building the Perfect Infinity Pool

Infinity pools were once only installed in high-end commercial properties such as luxury hotels and spas. However, the cost of building these features has decreased due to the advances in the construction industry. Therefore, if you are planning on establishing a new pool for personal or business use, you should consider choosing this design. A negative edge pool will add a touch of refinement and elegance to your property. Moreover, it will increase the overall value of your real estate. Still, it is crucial to remember that all infinity pools are not built equally. Therefore, consider using these guidelines to build the best feature.

Inspect the Pool Construction Site

The appeal and performance of an infinity pool depend on the site in which it is built. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your property with care before making decisions about the construction. In general, it is advisable to consult with an experienced pool builder from the initial planning process for guidance on site selection. In an ideal situation, an infinity pool should be established on a piece of land with a natural slope. This will make creating a negative edge easier, and the aesthetic effect will be better. If you do not have an advantageous site, you should inquire about other options such as using an aboveground pool design. Other important site factors to consider include total area, land shape, soil condition and exposure.

Consider the Fabrication Materials

The most popular material used in building infinity pools is concrete. The benefits of choosing concrete include exceptional structural stability, durability and design flexibility. Simply speaking, concrete pools perform well because the material can withstand the weight of the water and remain stable in adverse conditions. However, there are some lightweight alternative materials which have been developed to allow for easier construction. For instance, one can choose modified fibreglass and carbon-ceramic shells for durable but light structure. These are particularly popular for aboveground pools. It is advisable to discuss your budget with your infinity pool builder before choosing a material.

Plan for Proper Water Management

Finally, think about the management of the water in your infinity pool. Proper control is crucial for promoting efficiency and minimising long-term running costs. The feature needs to have a variable-speed water pump. Furthermore, the water level should be controlled by an automated computerised system. Additionally, plan for the custom regulation of the overflow. This consideration will minimise water loss while ensuring optimal performance during pool use. 

Contact a local infinity pool builder to learn more about the process.