Three Ways Newbie Pool Builders can Attract Clients

Summer offers many business prospects for pool builders. Notably, homeowners want to make their backyards summer-ready by having a functional pool, which means hiring experienced pool builders. Typically, competition from established contractors can make life difficult for newbie pool builders. Therefore, you should differentiate your services to gain a competitive edge and remain in business. This article highlights different ways newbie pool builders can attract clients.

Submit Pool Application on Client Behalf

Building a swimming pool is a significant undertaking for homeowners since the project can affect various elements in a neighbourhood. Thus, homeowners are required to apply for a pool building permit. Since the number of homeowners installing swimming pools on their properties increases in the summer, application approvals can take some time. Besides, going back and forth to check the application progress can be frustrating for many clients. Therefore, you can offer to submit and fast-track your clients' swimming pool applications so that they can focus on other important issues, such as preparing their homes for the project. Taking the time to take care of the application process is an attractive gesture for most property owners and a sure way of getting business.

Free Expert Advice

When homeowners want to build a pool, they must approach a pool builder to advise them on how to go about the process. Reputable and experienced pool builders often charge a fee for the consultative service, and there is nothing wrong with that. Building a brand name in the pool building industry takes a lot of time and money. As such, it is okay for professionals to charge for expert advice. New pool builders can also offer expert advice, especially if they previously worked for another contractor before starting a pool building business. However, you should think about providing expert advice for free, at least until you get your name out. You need to make your clients feel like they are getting sound advice and not a sales pitch.

Partner With Landscaping Services

Installing an in-ground swimming pool can change the overall look of a property. Therefore, most homeowners prefer to give their lawn a facelift to match the new addition. Instead of letting your clients go through the rigorous process of looking for a landscaper once a pool is complete, make it easy for them. Collaborate with local landscapers so that the two projects can kick off simultaneously and save your client valuable time. However, you should only partner with landscapers who deliver high-quality work to avoid watering down your reputation.