Two things to consider when shopping for a robotic pool cleaner

If you'd like to make the cleaning of your pool easier for you (or your pool contractor), then getting a robotic pool cleaner would be a sensible move. Here are two things to consider when shopping for this equipment.

Whether or not you need the pool cleaner to climb and clean your pool's walls

Not all pool cleaners come with a wall-climbing function. As such, you'll need to consider whether this is a feature that you'll need. Generally speaking, those that have this feature are more expensive than those that don't, and if you're on a budget, you may need to get one that cannot climb and clean pool walls. In this situation, you may need to also purchase a pool brush that you or your contractor can use to manually scrub the walls.

If however, you can afford to spend more on this equipment, it could be worth getting one with this feature, as manually scrubbing a swimming pool's walls can be difficult (particularly in the deep end, where it might be difficult to reach and apply sufficient pressure to the lower sections of the walls). A pool cleaner with this feature will do this task faster and much more effectively than you could with a brush, and will greatly reduce the time you need to spend on pool maintenance tasks. It's also important to note that many pool cleaners that can climb walls cannot climb steps; as such, if you have underwater steps that serve as the pool's entrance or exit, you will still need to manually scrub these.

Whether or not you need a pool cleaner with an ultra-fine filter mesh

Robotic pool cleaners usually have mesh filters, which trap the debris that the equipment draws out of the water, and which need to be removed and rinsed off after each pool-cleaning session. You'll need to consider how fine you need the pool cleaner's mesh to be; if for example, the debris that usually accumulates in your pool consists of things like leaves and bits of soil, then you might find a pool cleaner with a standard-sized mesh adequate, as it should be able to easily trap this debris.

However, if, for example, you live right beside a dirt road that flings lots of very fine dust into your pool, then a filter with this standard-sized mesh might not suffice and you might find that the pool still looks cloudy after you've finished using the pool cleaner in it. In this situation, you might need to get a pool cleaner with a filter whose mesh is ultra-fine.

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