What to Discuss When Working With a Pool Designer

Having a pool custom designed for your home gives you the chance to create an oasis that is perfect for you and your family and that fits your home and outdoor space perfectly as well. It also means you can include all the features that you want in a pool build, rather than having to settle for a generic design or standard features. Note a few features you don't want to miss when working with a pool designer.

Updating your older pool with modern flair

If you have an older pool that looks like it has seen better days, but is still functional, never fear. There are several simple jobs you can do to improve the appearance of the pool without incurring the expense of installing a whole new pool.  Refinishing tiles There was a brief period where the trend was toward darker colours in pools. Unfortunately, these darker colours tended to fade around the water line with ongoing exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight.

3 Maintenance Strategies To Maximise Value From Your Pool Pump

Pool pumps are vital to keep your swimming pool clean throughout. They usually suck up pool water and send it through a filter. Once cleaned inside the filter, the water is pumped back into the swimming pool. Well-maintained pool pumps will ensure that your pool water remains clean, so you and your family can enjoy optimal swimming conditions. Here are some maintenance strategies to help you maximise value from your pool pump.

Ways to Prevent Slipping In and Around Your Home Pool

Having a pool in your own back garden is a huge luxury, but it is important to consider the pitfalls of having a pool as well as the advantages. Anywhere with that amount of water is going to present some kind of hazard because people can more easily slip on wet surfaces. This means that you and your family and friends could slip when in the pool and on the pool deck.

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Local Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Owning a swimming pool comes with the responsibilities of maintaining that pool throughout the year, even when it is not in use. This is something that many pool owners attempt to handle on their own in order to save money and avoid issues with their pool operation. Though this can be a suitable method, it may overlook some important key points of the maintenance process. Here are three reasons you should be using local swimming pool maintenance services instead of relying on your own abilities.