Ways to Prevent Slipping In and Around Your Home Pool

Having a pool in your own back garden is a huge luxury, but it is important to consider the pitfalls of having a pool as well as the advantages. Anywhere with that amount of water is going to present some kind of hazard because people can more easily slip on wet surfaces. This means that you and your family and friends could slip when in the pool and on the pool deck.

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Local Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Owning a swimming pool comes with the responsibilities of maintaining that pool throughout the year, even when it is not in use. This is something that many pool owners attempt to handle on their own in order to save money and avoid issues with their pool operation. Though this can be a suitable method, it may overlook some important key points of the maintenance process. Here are three reasons you should be using local swimming pool maintenance services instead of relying on your own abilities.

Basic Tips for Maintaining Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges

Filtration is an essential part of maintaining the good water quality in the swimming pool. Generally, swimming pools are exposed to the environment, so they are vulnerable to contamination by foreign materials. For instance, sand particles, dust and even general debris will ruin the hygiene and lower the aesthetic value of the pool. The filtration system is designed to remove these types of insoluble particles from the water. One of the most popular filters used in residential and commercial swimming pools is the cartridge filter.

Don't Overlook These Signs That Your Pool Needs Servicing

Signs that a pool needs servicing are not always as obvious as you might assume. Your pool may not actually drain out completely and the water may appear somewhat clean, even though certain parts of the pool pump and other components may need servicing. This is why you should never assume that signs of needed pool servicing will be overly obvious, and should instead familiarize yourself with common issues that pool owners may face.

Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas to Discuss With Your Contractor

A swimming pool renovation can give your home's swimming pool a much-needed facelift, and also be an opportunity to repair cracks and leaks in the pool itself. While your idea of a renovation may mean just a new coat of sealant paint around the pool, you might want to think about some renovation ideas that will improve its appearance and even make the pool safer for you and your family. Note the following.