Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Spa Pump

Spa pumps are essential pieces of equipment used for hot tubs or spas. They are used to draw water into the filtration system of the spa where the water is pushed through a heater, filter, as well as spa jets before it's allowed into the spa again. Although spa pumps are designed to last for several years with regular use, the gadget may start experiencing frequent operation issues or breakdowns, and you will be required to repair or replace it depending on the problem.

Why Should You Choose Channel Fixed Glass Pool Fencing?

Your pool needs fencing to ensure proper safety, and glass is one of the most popular options. Of course, there's more than one type of glass pool fencing. If you're looking for a modern, upscale appearance, why not consider channel fixed glass fencing? Also known as inground fencing, this fencing, as the name suggests, is set into a channel. A contractor pours out concrete to create that channel. When it has hardened, the glass is set in and grout applied.

How to Choose the Right Type of Pool for Your Home

Doesn't everyone in Australia own a swimming pool? Sometimes it seems that way as, after all, the climate is certainly conducive. If you feel that you're the only one who doesn't and you don't want to go through another sweltering summer without one, what are your options? Should you choose concrete, fibreglass or vinyl liner and what are the various advantages? Concrete Many people feel that a concrete pool is the most flexible of all the options, as it can be effectively designed to whatever size, depth or shape you want.

What to Discuss When Working With a Pool Designer

Having a pool custom designed for your home gives you the chance to create an oasis that is perfect for you and your family and that fits your home and outdoor space perfectly as well. It also means you can include all the features that you want in a pool build, rather than having to settle for a generic design or standard features. Note a few features you don't want to miss when working with a pool designer.

Updating your older pool with modern flair

If you have an older pool that looks like it has seen better days, but is still functional, never fear. There are several simple jobs you can do to improve the appearance of the pool without incurring the expense of installing a whole new pool.  Refinishing tiles There was a brief period where the trend was toward darker colours in pools. Unfortunately, these darker colours tended to fade around the water line with ongoing exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight.